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The tombstone of Massimiliano Corvo

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The Tombstone of Captain Massimiliano Corvo

The tombstone of Captain Massimiliano Corvo, complete with a coat of arms and heraldic friezes, dates back to 1623 AD and is both a burial and celebratory monument.
Carved and engraved in marble, the monument is owned by the municipal, occupies an area of 134x70cm and is engraved in capitale epigrafica umanistica.
The following inscription is on the tabulate, (translation):  “To almighty God - The prefect of the Knights, Massimiliano Corvo under the most serene Prince of Savoy in Busca, died January 17th during the governorship at 77 years of age, entrusting himself in the safety of God, Sebastiano not different from him, put it down as such in 1623.”
Above the inscription you notice a shield, shaped and folded, bearing the image of the raven, and surmounted by a helmet with a crest that depicts a warrior with a sword in his right hand and the overarching motto: si fatta sinant  while at the sides, the scrolls read in domino confido  and  spes mea Deus.
The tombstone was relocated to its original position, that is the floor of the chapel of the Corvo and Rabbia families where the grave of the Captain is situated, down the left aisle of the church, the fourth chapel from the entrance.
Massimiliano Corvo actively participated in the political life of Cuneo of his time.  In addition to the civil office he held, he also collaborated in the occupation of Centallo in 1588, defended Bersezio and  le Barricate in Valle Stura in 1590 and was appointed Governor of Roccasparvera in 1591 and of Busca in 1593

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