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The Crucified

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The Crucifix

In the apse of the church of San Francesco in Cuneo, a cast of the impressive crucifix from the mid-fifteenth century stands out, a sculpture that in the Middle Ages dominated the presbytery of the building of worship.
The original is preserved in the parish of Borgo San Giuseppe and was found during the cataloguing campaign launched by the Italian Episcopal Conference in 2005.
The crucifix, produced in Liguria and dating back to the mid-sixteenth century, has suffered many vicissitudes over time: in the 17th century at the time the altar and tabernacle were rebuilt it was transferred to La Cappella della Cruciata on the right aisle of the building, following the Napoleonic suppressions it was passed to the nearby Ospedale di Santa Croce  where it was hung first in the chapel and then in the aisle. It remained there until 1961 when it was transferred to the new parish situated on the bank of the river Gesso.
The detailed description of the anatomical details of the dying Christ, highlighting the tension in the muscles, the wrinkles of the skin torn from the nails, the precise clarification of the pulsating veins on the belly button and arms, the twisted strands of hair and the thin face, all has a strong evocative power and also highlights, a subtle yet definite element of pathos on the part of the author identified in the sculptor Giacobino D'Ormea.

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